Agile Automated Testing Framework

  • A comprehensive set of test automation tools in one package
  • Provides a full solution to the most critical tooling needs for testers within a typical agile e-commerce delivery team

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Develop automated tests for your mobile or web applications

  • Flexible and extensible automation framework built to test desktop and mobile browser applications and web service layers (APIs – REST, SOAP)
  • Integrates perfectly with your existing CI/CD processes and infrastructure
  • Provides Real-Time dashboards and granular debug reporting
  • Enables cross-device and cross-browser testing and integration with 3rd party vendors (Perfecto, Sauce Labs, Browserstack, Applitools Eyes)
  • Immediate conversion of a behaviour driven requirement into an automated acceptance test, implemented with a hybrid keyword and data driven code approach
  • Reuse of front end test flows for creation of performance testing scripts
  • Provision of living documentation for the web application under test
  • Transition a team of manual testers into a competent automation team – enable a truly agile testing vision

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